March 21 Surfboards


The Slayer is great for waist high to 3 ft. over head waves. 

Who's it for?
The Slayer is our all around high performance shortboard. Many prototypes and models later, we have dialed in the aspects of a high performance short board that make it preform well on lippy waves beginning from waist high and above. As a result, the slayer is a great high performance shortboard for both intermediate and advanced surfers that want to drastically improve their skills in surfing.

The board concave starts with a slight single concave, gradually transitions into a double concave, and vees off the tail. As a result, these technical contours under the board gives the board the ability to have lift, speed, and maneuverability. The rails are set at medium low in order to give the board hold and bite while bottom turning and surfing rail to rail. Fully designed for maneuverability and speed, take this board anywhere from Trestles to HB, The Slayer will handle a variety of performance waves.   

Extra Feature: 

We've added a military grade fiberglass (Aerialite S-glass) to help strengthen the board and to prolong its life's durability and also maintain a good weight.

Care for your board to prolong its life
- Keep in cool dry area as much as possible when not in use
- Keep away from direct sun light when not in the water
- Rinse board with fresh water after each use.


Feature   S2 Aerialite S-glass 
Constructions Poly (Pu) 
Contours Slight Single > Double > Vee off Tail 
Finish Clear - Wet Sand Finish 
Dimensions 5'7" - 6'5"
Volume 50.4 - 61
Color Clear 
Rider 100 - 220 lbs 
Experience Intermediate to Advanced
Condition Knee to Head High
Bundled Items (included) Leash and fins                                             


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