DiscFunctional V2

March 21 Surfboards


The DiscFunctional V2 is an extremely versatile & fun shape to ride that accommodates surfers of all skill levels in smaller summer waves to bigger winter barrel conditions. In short, as a performance hybrid short board, the Disc V2 is the perfect Southern California beach break board. 

Who's it for?
As a hybrid performance short board, the Discfunctional V2 is a suitable board for both intermediate and advanced surfers. For intermediate surfers, the wider shape of the V2 Disc as opposed to a high performance short board such as our Slayer model, offers more stability when maneuvering. For advanced surfers, the Discfunctional V2 offers the ability to catch a multitude of waves and dial down your skills. 


The V2 Disc (version 2) is the revamped version of our popular model, The Discfunctional. As a best seller, the original Discfunctional was a hybrid performance shortboard that could preform on a variety of wave types. M21 strives for the best, and as a result, we instantly thought of ways of improving The Disfunctional to offer the rider an even better experience. With that being said, The Discfunctional V2 features a more pronounced vee off tail to add responsiveness and also features S2 Aerialite Glass for added strength and durability. Overall, in combination, with it's medium rocker, bottom contours, S2 glass, and a slightly wider shape than a normal performance shortboard, the V2 Disc is the perfect Hybrid performance short board to handle knee to head high waves. 

Extra Feature: 

We've added a military grade fiberglass (Aerialite S-glass) to help strengthen the board and to prolong its life's durability and also maintain a good weight.

Care for your board to prolong its life
- Keep in cool dry area as much as possible when not in use
- Keep away from direct sun light when not in the water
- Rinse board with fresh water after each use.


Feature   S2 Aerialite S-glass 


Poly (Pu) 
Contours Slight Single > Double > slight vee off Tail 
Finish Clear - Wet Sand Finish 
Dimensions 5'4 - 6'2 
Volume 28.4 - 41.8 L
Color Clear 
Rider 100 - 220 lbs 
Experience Intermediate to Advanced
Condition Knee to Head High
Bundled Items (included) Leash and fins                  
Board Weight: 6 to 8 lbs
Nose Rocker:  4" to 5"
Tail Rocker:  1.5" to 1.75"
Rails:  Medium to Full - Tucked Hard-edge



March 21 Surfboards in Southern California, USA. Made with quality U.S & AUS materials!



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