Funboard - Blue Swirl Art Tint

March 21 Surfboards


Our new line of funboard is an all around board, great for beginners and intermediates. 

Who is this for?

It's meant for surfers that are just getting into surfing, as well as those that wants the wave count. If you're looking for a mid size wave catcher this is it.


The bottom of the board consists of a nice single concave entry for easy lift off the nose when paddling. Transitioning from a single concave to a single double, helps with stability and speed.

Care for your board to prolong its life

- Keep in cool dry area as much as possible when not in use
- Keep away from direct sun light when not in the water
- Rinse board with fresh water after each use.

Constructions Poly, PU (Traditional Glass) 6,4 +4
Contours Single Concave to Single Double
Design / Finish Resin swirl tint / Polished
Board Weight 7'6-11lbs / 7'8-12lbs / 7'10-12.5lbs / 8'0-13lbs
Rider Weight 7'6-175lbs / 7'8-180lbs / 7'10-185lbs / 8'0-190lbs (Recommended for beginners)
Experience Beginner to Intermediate
Condition All Around / Knee high to Shoulder high waves
Bundled Items Included
FCS M5a Thruster w/ key and 7-8ft leash
Shipping $130.00 Business Address or Nearest Terminal Pick up. Residential, call for additional cost




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